General Guidelines to Follow When Planning Your Website Design

website design basicsRegardless of your website’s overall goal, there are several established conventions you should follow that are generally agreed upon by all website designers:


The most important thing is to make sure that your website can be accessed by your audience. Due to the variety of internet browsers (gone are the days when 99% of users used Internet Explorer) and accessibility through mobile phone browsers, each website has to be customized and tested to make sure it is optimized for on whatever device your website design is being viewed on. The worst mistake is designing a site and testing it on only one browser- unfortunately they are all different and therefore require some tweaking by your web designer to appear the same.


Plan a well thought out navigation system. If your website has multiple pages ensure that your customers can easily find their way from page to page and back again. There should be a navigation bar that can accessible from every page so the customer doesn’t get lost in your website. Don’t let your navigation depend on images, JavaScripts, or Flash. Keep it simple. You can still create text-based navigation bars that look great using CSS. Above all, avoid dead ends!


Use a lighter design. Don’t use colours that cause your audience to strain their eyes. Concentrate on making your customers visit to your site as pleasant as possible. Use colours that are visually appealing and compliment each other, and ensure that your text is easy to read. If your background is much lighter than the text or your text is much lighter than the background then your text will stand out and your visitors won’t have trouble reading your messaging. There is a creative touch that is required here as colours that contrast each other too much could actually take away from the design.


Make your key messages and call to actions stand out. If there is crucial information on your website that you want your customers to notice make it stand out. Don’t cover it with Flash as it can effect the major functionality of your site. Your important information should be available as text and not images. Having your text stand out not only gets your messaging across to your customers but makes for a more visually appealing website.


Following these website design basics will set you up for success. There is obviously a lot more work involved in creating an effective website but the rest of the details should be customized to suit your business and your website’s overall goal. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to create a good end user experience for your visitors. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary features and add-ons as it usually overcomplicates your website and confuses your visitors. For more tips on creating a simple, successful website visit Toronto website designers InCheck Solutions for more information.

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