Achieving a Healthy Work Life Balance

Finding a balance between work time and ‘me’ time can be tough when you run your own business. It’s so easy to stay glued to your computer monitor and live off of tv dinners and take-out that you quickly forget about the importance of staying active and healthy. After our first year of running our web design company and completely overworking ourselves my partner and I decided it was time to change our habits and get healthy!   We decided to … Continue reading

Website Design

Having a unique and compelling website is a sure fire way to increase your customer base. The world is moving into the ‘cloud’ which is basically a collection of servers that can be accessed through the Internet to gather information. By having  a website you are securing a dedicated space in that ‘cloud’ where you can portray an image of your company. Users will be able to find your business and you can share whatever information you choose with them. … Continue reading

Maximizing Your Online Marketing Budget

Online marketing can be extremely successful for your business if you do it right. Here are 5 important steps to follow before you start your online marketing campaign:   1. Figure Out Your Market Do some research to narrow down your target market. This doesn’t mean spending big bucks to hire a research firm to do the job- you know your product or service so you should be able to figure out your market yourself. Develop a detailed profile of your … Continue reading

How to Successfully Delegate

Running a business can be tough- all of a sudden you find yourself responsible for ALL aspects of your business.  And I mean all… Accounting. Marketing. Customer Service. HR. Account Management. Sales. Projects… And the list goes on. A good way to help you work through the never ending to-do lists is to start delegating that list. Some people find this difficult (I did at first!), but at some point you need to stop doing everything yourself and start unloading some of the tasks … Continue reading

Why Have A Website?

Creating a website for your business is no longer a trend, it is a necessity. Companies who fail to realize the benefits of having a website end up suffering in more ways than one. If you are questioning if investing in a website is worth your while then have a look at what one of Toronto’s top website designers can do for you.   First off- EXPOSURE. Having a website expands your reach in ways you can’t even imagine. You are … Continue reading