A Demographic Breakdown of Who is Using what Social Media Platforms

A new study from the Pew Research Center has shown us which demographics are using the various social media platforms. This great infographic breaks social media use down by age, income, sex, education level and more to give us a better idea of how we can better target our marketing campaigns to our desired demographic.   If you have any questions about any campaigns you are running and how you might be able to better target your ads, ask away … Continue reading

Achieving a Healthy Work Life Balance

Finding a balance between work time and ‘me’ time can be tough when you run your own business. It’s so easy to stay glued to your computer monitor and live off of tv dinners and take-out that you quickly forget about the importance of staying active and healthy. After our first year of running our web design company and completely overworking ourselves my partner and I decided it was time to change our habits and get healthy!   We decided to … Continue reading

How to Successfully Delegate

Running a business can be tough- all of a sudden you find yourself responsible for ALL aspects of your business.  And I mean all… Accounting. Marketing. Customer Service. HR. Account Management. Sales. Projects… And the list goes on. A good way to help you work through the never ending to-do lists is to start delegating that list. Some people find this difficult (I did at first!), but at some point you need to stop doing everything yourself and start unloading some of the tasks … Continue reading

Resolutions For Your Business

It’s that time of year again: time for New Year’s Resolutions. While many of you will vow to eat healthier, start exercising or start spending more time with family, it may be time to focus your New Year’s Resolutions on your business. Here are some ideas on resolutions to implement for your business:   Delegate Delegation is the key to a healthy work-life balance. There are so many things to stay on top of as a business owner that it’s easy to get lost … Continue reading