Why Have A Website?

Creating a website for your business is no longer a trend, it is a necessity. Companies who fail to realize the benefits of having a website end up suffering in more ways than one. If you are questioning if investing in a website is worth your while then have a look at what one of Toronto’s top website designers can do for you.   First off- EXPOSURE. Having a website expands your reach in ways you can’t even imagine. You are … Continue reading

Finding a Web Designer That’s Right for Your Business

These days it is crucial to invest in a website that is completely customized to meet your business’ individual needs.  Not only will you be meeting your company’s needs but your customer’s needs as well.  You need to ensure that your website accurately defines your business as your website usually becomes the first impression your company makes.   Make the decision and invest in a website designer who is right for you. Choose someone who you feel can accurately convey … Continue reading

General Guidelines to Follow When Planning Your Website Design

Regardless of your website’s overall goal, there are several established conventions you should follow that are generally agreed upon by all website designers:   The most important thing is to make sure that your website can be accessed by your audience. Due to the variety of internet browsers (gone are the days when 99% of users used Internet Explorer) and accessibility through mobile phone browsers, each website has to be customized and tested to make sure it is optimized for … Continue reading

Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Your website is vital to your brand’s image, marketing, obtaining new customers and retaining the old. If your website is designed wrong you will not only lose your initial investment but you’ll lose more from the revenue you could be earning from having a proper website that suits your business and audience. As a business owner avoid these common mistakes:   1. Doing Insufficient Research Instead of rushing to design your website do some research first and then design your … Continue reading

Tips to Help Your Web Design Process Run Smoothly

Here are some tips to help your web design process run smoothly   1. Do your Research Bookmark websites you like. What do you like about them- the colours? the layout? the fonts? the images? Are they more of a corporate feel or a creative feel? This will help your web designers determine what visually pleases you so you’re happy with your end design.   2. Have your content ready Have logo, colours, pictures and content ready. In the end … Continue reading