WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal

Content Management Systems (CMS) help website owners and administrators publish, edit, design and modify content on a website. Nowadays the three main leading names in content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These three CMSs are open source, free to use and customizable according to your own desires and goals for your website. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks and as such it is important to understand your website’s needs along with your level of expertise before … Continue reading

15 Off-Page SEO Strategies

If you’ve already completed your on-page SEO (Read: On-Page SEO – The Basics) it’s time for the real work to begin! Here are 15 great Off-Page SEO techniques that will help build your inbound links, improve your Google Ranking and drive traffic to your website.   1. Article Submissions There are thousands of article directories around the internet that accept articles and will link them to your website. The idea is to write articles about a topic related to your … Continue reading

How to Convert Website Viewers into Customers

Websites have become one of the major avenues for businesses to market themselves, conduct business online, generate revenue, and sell a product or service. Once you have mastered driving traffic to your site (through search engine marketing, web promotions etc) you must focus your efforts on a new challenge. It is important to understand that attracting visitors to your site is completely different than converting your visitors into paying customers. A lot of the time websites do not have the necessary … Continue reading

8 Elements of a Great Website

An effective website is one that draws its users in as soon as they hit your landing page. There are several key elements that every website should be built around to ensure its success. 1. Great Visual Design First impressions are key. When a user visits your website they are seeing a visual representation of your company on their screen. The images, colours, effects and text will paint a picture of what your company is all about. It is important … Continue reading