Website Design

Having a unique and compelling website is a sure fire way to increase your customer base. The world is moving into the ‘cloud’ which is basically a collection of servers that can be accessed through the Internet to gather information. By having  a website you are securing a dedicated space in that ‘cloud’ where you can portray an image of your company. Users will be able to find your business and you can share whatever information you choose with them. … Continue reading

How to Successfully Delegate

Running a business can be tough- all of a sudden you find yourself responsible for ALL aspects of your business.  And I mean all… Accounting. Marketing. Customer Service. HR. Account Management. Sales. Projects… And the list goes on. A good way to help you work through the never ending to-do lists is to start delegating that list. Some people find this difficult (I did at first!), but at some point you need to stop doing everything yourself and start unloading some of the tasks … Continue reading

Finding a Web Designer That’s Right for Your Business

These days it is crucial to invest in a website that is completely customized to meet your business’ individual needs.  Not only will you be meeting your company’s needs but your customer’s needs as well.  You need to ensure that your website accurately defines your business as your website usually becomes the first impression your company makes.   Make the decision and invest in a website designer who is right for you. Choose someone who you feel can accurately convey … Continue reading

General Guidelines to Follow When Planning Your Website Design

Regardless of your website’s overall goal, there are several established conventions you should follow that are generally agreed upon by all website designers:   The most important thing is to make sure that your website can be accessed by your audience. Due to the variety of internet browsers (gone are the days when 99% of users used Internet Explorer) and accessibility through mobile phone browsers, each website has to be customized and tested to make sure it is optimized for … Continue reading

Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Your website is vital to your brand’s image, marketing, obtaining new customers and retaining the old. If your website is designed wrong you will not only lose your initial investment but you’ll lose more from the revenue you could be earning from having a proper website that suits your business and audience. As a business owner avoid these common mistakes:   1. Doing Insufficient Research Instead of rushing to design your website do some research first and then design your … Continue reading